I’ve realized that it has been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post, and I need to start again! A few things have happened since my last post.. The biggest thing being a new baby…who is now ONE.

Nathan Thomas is 13 months old. He is such a joy – literally always happy. I felt like sharing my birth story with him because it was such a different experience than my birth of William.

My pregnancy with Nathan was tough to say the least. In April 2019, at 23 weeks I started having some bad braxton hicks (practice contractions) or so I thought. They were quite painful, and having been in labour before I recognized they weren’t normal. I then started having some spotting. (Sorry if that’s TMI!) I called my midwife and she ended up putting a referral in place to an OB-Gyn. It turns out I had a partial placental abruption. This means that my placenta was starting to detach from my uterus. This can be extremely dangerous if it fully detaches and can be life threatening to your little baby. Luckily, mine was only partial. This meant I had to take it easy, and not do anything strenuous. I had to stop working from the Bank and Photography.

Our good friend Adrianne met us at a park one day and snapped these shots with my camera.

In May I ended up having 3 hours of constant contractions and a lot of spotting, and at this point my midwife decided I needed to go on bedrest. I pretty much had to have help for everything from cooking meals to taking care of William. (Thank goodness for my amazing Husband.) For 7 weeks I felt pretty useless.

Due to do the complications, my OB-Gyn wanted to induce me early, and I had be fully monitored from start to finish of my labour, just in case the placenta started detaching fully prior to the baby’s birth. We were set to be induced at 37 weeks.

Tuesday, July 9th at 7am we arrive at the hospital. I remember walking through the emergency department to check in, and we had our suitcase, diaper bag, pillows – the works. The triage nurse made a comment saying “You’re confident it’ll be today!” Yes Ma’am. It will be! We made our way up to the maternity ward and met my midwife shortly after. She checked my cervix and I was already dilated at least 3.5cm! This was great news to me! I was extremely nervous about being induced. I didn’t want to use any drugs (just personal preference – no judgement to those that do!) and I was afraid that if I had to use drugs to induce me, that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain on my own. It scared me!! When I found out I was already 3+cm dilated I knew there was a chance for me. I also had a lot of labour feelings.. I had an idea that this was happening regardless. My midwife and the OB-Gyn on call decided that we would try and just break my water, and see what happens. Around 9:30 the OB broke my water and what a weird sensation that was! My midwife went back to her office to get some stuff done but was ready at the phone for when I went into labour. I knew that I needed to be monitored once labour started (this meant laying on the bed with monitors on my belly – not being able to move much!) so I decided that walking around the hallway would be the best thing for me. Maybe get labour going! Chris and I just hung out, chatted, enjoyed some alone time, and walked back and forth.

At 11am I started having my “bloody show.” TMI again – sorry. 🙂 So I decided to text my midwife and let her know. The nurses also called her just to make sure she got the message. At 11:30 I started having contractions. They hurt, but they weren’t bad. When I was in labour with William they were horrible, and I was freaking out the entire time, I had no break and it was INTENSE. This time they were different. They hurt, but it wasn’t horrible, and I was happy as soon as they finished. I continued walking the hallways until my midwife showed up around 12. At 12:30 my midwife checked me and I had naturally progressed to 5cm which I was SO happy about. This meant that I did not need to take any drugs for induction – my body was just doing it! Over the next 45 minutes I just handled each contraction at a time, really not affecting me all that much. I was still talking through them, smiling and laughing as soon as it was over. This was easy! At 1:15 I was 6cm dilated. I remember getting up to go the bathroom and having a very uncomfortable contraction on the toilet. I knew things were picking up.

This was taken 30 minutes before he was born!

Just before 2pm my midwife checked me again, and I was 9cm dilated. Then things started getting a little crazy. In my mind I started freaking out. Thinking, “Ok, crap, this hurts. How am I supposed to get 1 more cm dilated, and then push? Um, *PANIC*!!!” I started questioning if I should try the laughing gas or something, because OUCH. Then the contraction was over and it was ok. It was very surreal. I started to feel intense pressure and Chris explains it like I was trying to escape my body. Hehe… A contraction came on and I felt the need to push, but I didn’t get an OK from my midwife yet. I was really panicking. She told me I was SO close and to relax it’s ok. Chris told me I was so close. I didn’t believe them. They were just saying that so I didn’t panic.

Finally my midwife told me to reach down and try to feel the baby. I put my hands down and instantly, the pain and panic vanished. I felt him and he WAS so close. One solid push and out he came. I couldn’t believe that it was that fast. I pulled him up and was just in shock. He took a few seconds to get a good breath, which is expected at 37 weeks, but he cried and all was well.

Nathan just turned one last month. He is running all over the place. His favourite things to say are Dada, Mama, Peez (Please), Dank you (Thank you), he says his own version of patty cake, and so much more. He has 8 teeth, and likes to bite..outch.

We are loving every moment with this little guy.

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